What readers are saying about Defend Your Life III:

ss_amazon_bannerMay have saved my life!! —Kay
Susan Rex Ryan possibly saved my life! I had already read her first two Defend Your Life books before COVID hit so I was already at optimal levels and haven’t been sick during this pandemic. I rarely get sick since starting her protocol. When I do, it’s mild and over quickly. Defend Your Life III is a wonderful addition to her other books. Share this book with your loved ones so that they may learn to defend their lives, too!

ss_amazon_bannerVery Helpful —Michael McNeil
The author’s meticulous research is obvious in her writing. As a result, I take Vitamin D every day and encourage all to read this book and do the same.

ss_amazon_bannerMore great information —Michigan Mom
In this third book, the author gives us more helpful health information about vitamin D. Her research is thorough and her insights are spot on! If you haven’t read the other editions of Defend Your Life, you will want to read them too.

 What readers are saying about The Eyes Have It:

ss_amazon_bannerSource of great information on cataract surgery! —Gail Manahan, LMHC
Sue once again delivers a thorough deep dive into a subject many readers will face. Laying out “the good, the bad and the ugly” informs the reader about choices they may make and possible outcomes. This handy well researched book is a welcome source of great information on cataract surgery!

ss_amazon_bannerSprinkled with humor and personal insights . . . —Wisconsin Reader
A great play-by-play depiction of what to expect when you need cataract surgery. The author’s first-hand experience, combined with technical descriptions and helpful glossary are targeted to the lay person/patient. The detailed narrative is sprinkled with humor and personal insights. This lends credence to the author’s individual experience that began with a fear of the surgery. By the end of the book, the reader will have an understanding of the good, the bad and the ugly related to cataract surgery, with a good amount of information to help make decisions if necessary. I wish I had this handy information available when I helped my own father through c. surgery.

ss_amazon_bannerEasy to read and full of great information. —P. Berg
Ordered it, read it, loved it. Easy to read and full of great information. I am now more prepared for my first appointment. Thank you!

ss_amazon_bannerSo worth a read. —Mrs. Snazzy Bazzy
Once again a wonderfully written book by author Susan Rex Ryan. Author of “Defend your Life” about the many benefits of vitamin D3. This current book is in big print—very useful for those having eye difficulty. Before, during, and after surgery, with additional helpful information about eye problems and conditions. So worthwhile if you are anticipating cataract surgery now or in the future. And how to get yourself in better shape for surgery with “Eye Nutrition.” So worth a read.

 What readers are saying about Defend Your Life II:

ss_amazon_bannerGreat advice about vitamin D in a nutshell —William B. Grant
As a vitamin D researcher, I found Defend Your Life II to be an up-to-date, easy-to-read and accurate review of many of the important health benefits of vitamin D. It covers the major health outcomes for which vitamin D has been found to confer benefits — from Alzheimer’s disease to cardiovascular disease as well as pregnancy and birth outcomes.

ss_amazon_bannerAll the latest on Vitamin D in one handy book! —Wisconsin Reader
Defend Your Life II is a great follow up to Sue Ryan’s first book. It has all the latest info on the benefits of Vitamin D. It’s broken down by chapters outlining various diseases and how D can positively influence their outcomes. She also outlines a way to increase your own Vitamin D consumption in her Wellness Protocol. I really liked the “Concluding Thoughts” synopsis at the end of each chapter. A practical and interesting read all the way through.

 What readers are saying about Silent Inheritance:

ss_amazon_bannerBrave personal story, backed with research into depression-related DNA, provides insight into depression predisposition —Linda Bon
A heartfelt and brave personal story of dealing with the diagnosis of depression — a very treatable psychiatric disease. Backed by excellent research, Sue Ryan’s new book Silent Inheritance, delves into the fascinating world of inherited depression. Her examination into depression-related DNA, including how to investigate and manage pre-disposed genetic mutations, is a fascinating insight into the world of depression and how to better manage the inherited disease. The author’s “Geek Speak” call-out boxes are spot on in helping explain some of the more technical definitions described. Reading this book will give the reader new and helpful information to better understand the depression-related behavior of family members and friends — and build empathy toward those suffering from the disease.

ss_amazon_bannerThe information is easy to understand even though the technical parts are challenging —Andrea Chestnuton
Masking depression has been a way of life for far too many people. Susan Rex Ryan’s book provides a greater understanding as to why, the struggle with depression is so challenging. The information is easy to understand even though the technical parts are challenging, it is well worth the effort to read. I highly recommend Silent Inheritance to anyone wanting more understanding of themselves or a loved one dealing with depression.

ss_amazon_bannerGives valuable information to help depression —mhempelon
This is a good introduction to genetics and supplements that can help depression. There is not much available in book form about depression and genetics, and this is needed. I have been helped by knowing this information, and have been studying it on my own for years. I take B12, folate, P5P, D, minerals and others. Susan Rex Ryan’s compilation of information is useful and I hope people will read it and learn about some alternatives to traditional prescription antidepressants.

ss_amazon_bannerCan serve as a learning tool for not only those dealing with depression but their loved ones as well —Target Shopper Gal
As a Registered Nurse, I realize that there is a stigma attached to mental illness disorders. The way to combat this stigma is to know the facts. Susan Rex Ryan has written a well researched and concise book to help the public understand depression. This, in turn, can serve as a learning tool for not only those dealing with depression but their loved ones as well. We do not have to be silent any more.

ss_amazon_bannerThis is good information for anyone who wants to understand depression more … —Gail Manahan, LMHC
This is good information for anyone who wants to understand depression more thoroughly, look for answers for treating their own or a loved one’s depression and understanding the biological and physiological reasons people have this diagnosis. As a licensed mental health counselor, many of my clients are treated for depression but don’t have a good understanding of why they have it in the first place. Readers will find Sue’s own personal story relatable and will learn so much about treating their own depression. I highly recommend counselors read this, too!

ss_amazon_bannerA good read on a sensitive subject by Susan Rex Ryan —SportsGuy101
A good read on a sensitive subject by Susan Rex Ryan. Informative enough without being too technical. Certainly recommended.

What readers are saying about Defend Your Life:

ss_amazon_bannerHighly Recommend! —Betty A.
When my copy of “Defend Your Life” arrived from Amazon, I could not put the book down. The number of medical studies linking vitamin D3 and the prevention of so many types of diseases including autism,cancer, and MS are astounding.I even learned how vitamin D3 can affect the gums and teeth in my mouth! This book is well-written, easy to read, and includes personal stories and insights that only add to the reader’s enjoyment. Highly recommend!

ss_amazon_bannerEverything You Wanted to Know about Vitamin D and Your Health in One Book —Izabella Wentz
As a pharmacist I highly recommend testing Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is essential to human health and adequate levels have been associated with improved health and longevity, yet most people are deficient in this very important vitamin. Susan Rex Ryan has done a wonderful job at summarizing the latest research on the importance of Vitamin D is various health issues from autoimmunity to cancer to periodontal health. She summarizes the best sources and ways to use Vitamin D safely and effectively.

The information Susan presents in her book is accessible to patients and at the same time well researched and cited. As a reader, you will feel comfortable with the author’s recommendations. I would highly recommend this book for everyone who is looking to improve their health as it is incredibly informative and written in a way to educate patients on the benefits of Vitamin D.

ss_amazon_bannerVery Informative and Well Written Book! —S. Gebhardt
After having a spine fusion four years ago, I was advised by my neurosurgeon to increase my intake of calcium and vitamin D3. At that time, I did not realize there was any difference between the various types of vitamin D, although my neurosurgeon said “make sure it is D3.” I found the author’s book very easy to read; the information she presented was well-researched, well-documented, and practical for both the layperson and medical professional. I now feel more knowledgeable about the potential benefits of D3 and the how the vitamin may prevent/help various medical conditions ranging from the common cold to cancer. I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn more about vitamin D3. As the author suggests, I will discuss D3 with my personal physician before increasing the dose. I do have many questions for my doctor after reading this book (and now feel that I am an informed patient). Finally, you can feel the author’s passion about her subject as you read the book. She provided several personal examples that made “Defend Your Life” very interesting. I sat down to BEGIN reading the book and ended up reading it from cover to cover without ever leaving my chair!

ss_amazon_bannerShould be required reading for nurses—Target Shopper Gal
As a registered nurse, I am always searching for easy to read books which can provide needed information for my patients. This book fits the bill beautifully. Vitamin D3 is being prescribed by physicians and nurse practitioners more and more. My patients have questions and now I feel fully prepared to answer them. This is well researched and meticulously prepared. I feel confident in giving this information to others. I am particularly interested in the chapters about Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes as many in my patient population are afflicted with these diseases. Thanks to the author for an easy to understand “bible” for my library.

ss_amazon_bannerA Fascinating Read—ladydi
My elderly mother and I recently read “Defend Your Life.” We both really enjoyed it and were surprised how much vitamin D3 can affect health. This book touches many aspects of life including the need for animals and birds to get their D3. A fascinating read!

ss_amazon_bannerInsightful Read on the Benefits of Maintaining an Optimal Vitamin D3 Level—Travelinprincess
I was unaware of the seemingly significant impact and necessity for people of all ages to maintain an adequate D3 level until I read this newly-released book. It is amazing that research studies are discovering the importance of this particular steroid hormone in so many indications — from athletic performance to some of the most deadly forms of cancer. The author touches on many diseases in her book, and includes some personal stories which makes the subject matter more relatable. Who doesn’t know someone who has suffered from cancer, RA, diabetes, MS, or has an autistic child — not to mention a simple common cold or dental health issues? Vitamin D3’s “partners” are also explored with pertinent helpful tips. This book is an informative easy read, supplying the reader with all of the necessary information on how to find out their own Vitamin D3 level and the various easy and safe ways they can elevate and maintain their level. “Defend Your Life” will serve nicely as a handy reference tool in my own quest to improve my quality of life.

ss_amazon_bannerGreat Way To Learn About Vitamin D3!—DC
This book provides a wealth of information about Vitamin D3; what it is and what it can do to improve your health in a number of areas, including cancer prevention, with solid medical proof and insightful personal comments. It is a valuable reference guide that you can read from cover-to-cover or use to look up particular medical conditions that are discussed in short easy-to-read chapters.

ss_amazon_bannerDefend Your Life —Pamela Mccoll
It is a very accessible read that gives you valuable information on a vitamin that has had a lot of attention in the past few years. Vitamin D3 is important and it is wonderful that this author has taken it upon herself to provide the latest research and recommendations to her readership. I read her book and although I did know something about vitamin D previously — I am know actually taking it daily and look forward to improving my general health. The book will be of interest to anyone who is keen on health or who has a particular related ailment and wants to find a remedy. Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine, said; “If you want to cure yourself of a particular ailment go to the local market and ask people who have found a remedy to such a problem and then copy what they have done.” Sounds simple but we often forget to rely on the advice of people who have found what actually works. It was helpful in the book to read that the author used herself as a test project and found what worked — Vitamin D3. Happy health everyone.

ss_amazon_bannerDefend your Life by Susan Rex Ryan —Muraco
I was unaware of the significant positive impact adding D3 to my vitamin regiment. I’m currently going through chemotherapy treatment and I attribute minimal adverse side effect due to my D3 intake. I will continue consuming D3 after treatment and have introduced it to my family and friends as an easy preventative for many illnesses.

Thank you Susan Rex Ryan for providing us with such an easy to read and informative book. You are helping us all Defend our Lives!

ss_amazon_bannerEverything You Need to Know about Vitamin D3 —Murat Gonul
When I learned that the new vitamin D3 book “Defend your Life” was available on Amazon, I immediately ordered it. I was not disappointed: “Defend Your Life” is an outstanding achievement. It provides everything one needs to know about the importance of vitamin D3. I am so impressed with the information that I shared it with my doctor, a member of the Vitamin D Council.

ss_amazon_bannerDefend your Life opens doors to a new D3 life —Wisconsin reader
A friend recommended “Defend Your Life” as an easy-to-understand source of empowering information on Vitamin D3. Once I started the book, I couldn’t put it down. It’s a thought-provoking, compelling work that addresses the potential benefits of D3 related to improved health, better athletic performance and disease prevention. It’s well written, backed by medical research and infused with the author’s personal anecdotes and story. A great, eye-opening, “must read” penned by a passionate D3 advocate.

ss_amazon_bannerDidn’t realized how the lack of Vitamin D3 effects health in so many ways. I have family history of cancer, this is a must read! —Bob E Wausau
My wife read the print version of “Defend Your Life” when it was first released. She raved over this vitamin D book and encouraged me to read it but I am a Kindle kind of guy. I submitted a request to Amazon for the Kindle version so am pleased to now have an electronic copy of “Defend Your Life.” Wow — this book is awesome: easy to read and inspired me to think about how I can improve my health by taking a vitamin D3 supplement. Kudos to author Susan Rex Ryan for providing this important health information in plain English.

ss_amazon_bannerImprove Your Health —Joan
I thoroughly enjoyed this well written, comprehensive insight into Vitamin D3. I ran to check my multiple vitamin to see if I was taking D3. Most impressive was the author’s depth of knowledge about Vitamin D3. The book was easy to read and most importantly the author made the medical jargon easy to understand.